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Vastu Shastra

About Vastu Shastra

The word ‘vastu’ in fact, derived from Sanskrit term –Vas niwase, which means a habitable place. Being from a family of vedic Astrologers belief in the Vastu is an automated programmed transferred from my forefathers. Vastu is very much related Astrology or we can say it is also a branch of Astrology which should be taken care of. Understanding the Alchemy of space around you is Vastu. In simple words your way of living or lifestyle affects directly your health wealth and relations. Every space, be it a building or outside it, has some specific purpose. All the 9 planets govern the 9 main directions so Astro is direct related to Vastu. We divide every space into 16 zones and one brahmsthan each zone governing a particular aspect of life. These zones are strengthened or weakened as per the activities performed therin or by the objects, colours and elements linked with them.

It is always beneficial to use the knowledge in accordance with time, place and circumstances. And in Numerojyotish we add one more thing to this an that is the need fulfilment of a person and target based vastu as by reading the charts of an individual we know the problematic areas or zones where the remedies required. One thing I always quote and say vastu can never change your destiny but it can and will change your mindset while going through tough times as it is the only thing that can be changed or altered. What we check

  • Complete analysis through Astro and Numero.
  • Work on degrees as every space as different degree sometimes even in 1 km radius.
  • 16 directions and zones and their lords.
  • 5 elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space
  • 32 entries based on angular division of building’s map.
  • All the major activities like Kitchen, pooja sthan, bedrooms and toilets.

After an accurate diagnose we start remedial work which offers problem-specific remedies that is applicable all size and shape. Modern architecture is moving towards urban housing where most of the flats are irregular in shape. Not only we work on outer space we also focus to work and improve subconscious mind or the inner space because the space inside you is an extension of the space around you. So, live a purposeful life. Happy living.

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