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Nadi Jyotish

About Nadi Jyotish

Jyotish is a Hindi word which means an application compiled of different methods to predict the future of an individual in his desired area of life. There are various methods of calculating future prediction and being in this field actively for more than 2 decades i have practical experience of which calculative method to choose. Because people SHOULD HAVE the logical and visible prediction of their queries and then solution if possible. Many methods still today are stuck in between the probability and possibilities of prediction and so are the astrologers. We in Numerojyotish use the accurate predictive method and that is Nadi jyotish.

We check planet not only by its strength but also its Nakshatra lord’s strength and sub lord’s strength as sub lord’s strength is stronger than nakshatra lord and nakshatra lord is stronger than the planet. So, we always check every planet on three levels also for any event prediction we always consider three planets because any single planet does not have so much power for making an event possible. There are more than 700 crores of people in this world so we need to be precise on every individual’s Horoscope. And only after completing detailed analysis of the chart we come to know which planet is positive and which one is negative, Shani or rahu and ketu are not always bad for everyone and planet Jupiter or Venus are not always good for everyone. It depends on what is the outcome of calculation of each planet on three detailed levels. It is the best method we use to give accurate prediction always.

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