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Vivek Vats

know about Vivek Vats

Our universe is wonderful yet mysterious. Human life is a continuous celebration. If you are not able to celebrate life, there must be some reason behind this. The occult science has always fascinated me because my father Mr Nand Kishore Mishra and my grandfather Late Mr Kulanand Mishra have practiced this science and also helped the people through this science. It was always had the proofs that Astrology Numerology have major impacts on the lives of every individual.In those days working on a particular chart was not as easy as it is now days.

I have seen them working on a chart for months and making a register for making Natal charts and calculating Mahadasha and other aspects of life and after this giving prediction based on those results and then predictions were on finger tips of them. Seeing so much of dedication and enthusiasm for this ancient science i was so amused that I sometimes sit with them and calculated the mathematical part. Now with IT revolutions all the calculation part is now so fast that you have ample of time to do further research so now the NumeroJyotish comes in the existence as a result of the findings. So, combining Numerology with Jyotish is not new numerology is an integral part of Jyotish.I did my graduation and MBA in finance from Delhi University.

I started my business in 2006 and got success beyond my expectations satisfied in terms of finance. But back of my mind I was still searching my right path which would eventually fulfil my inner self and started my research work. Added Numerology for predictions with Vedic and Nadi Jyotish which gave tremendous results in terms of predictions. It has been more than a Decade of practicing and helping people through Numerology Jyotish and Vastu. And I will continue my journey in this spiritual field and Numerojyotish is one step further from me to the society.

Jyoti Sharma

know about Jyoti Sharma

Jyoti Sharma, an Astrologer, Numerologist and Vaastu Shastra Acharya, have the complete knowledge regarding the use of Occult Science to resolve any type of life problems with accurate predictions. Besides, being a renowned and experienced astrologer and numerologist she is also the co-founder of “Numerojyotish”.

Numerology and Astrology Scientific Expert

It is a mere fact that numbers play a major role in every mode of life. They can also have impacts on certain situations and predictions of the future too. Apart from this, the numbers can also be used for our benefits through the most renowned technique called numerology.

Thus, Jyoti Sharma integrates the techniques of numerology with certain methods of astrology to determine the status of relationship whether people in it can withstand every circumstance in the future together or not.

The integration of numerology with astrology is called “Numerojyotish” which has the combined skills of both of them which adds some more applications to it such as Nadi Jyotish, Vastu Shastra, etc.

Vastu Shastra Expertise

At Numerojyotish, Vastu Shastra is done based on several scientific Vaastu remedies instead of myths. This expertise is acquired by Vaastu Shastra Consultant Jyoti Sharma, as she has been in this area from past several years and is successful in bringing out effective remedies related to Vaastu for commercial, residential and industrial.

Gemstone Specialization

Each and every planet and stars in solar system produces its own definite energy and emits specific cosmic colors too. Now, the expertise of Jyoti Sharma, helps people in solving various by reading the planets associated with every individual person and recommending to wear an appropriate gemstone for achieving favorable results in business, education, career, marital life, health etc. In order to implement these techniques, separate special skills, knowledge and expertise is required that can be acquired only by an expert.

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