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How to Learn Astrology Online

Learn Astrology Online

  • Our Course is Designed for Everyone.
  • If you are Fresher and you will learn from Scratch and in Detail.
  • If you are Practicing Astrologer or Numerologist you will be learning the most important part in detail that is “Prediction”.
  • Our Focus has Always been on ” फलित ज्योतिष “

What You Will Learn ?

  • 12 Signs & 9 Planets and their attributes.
  • 12 Houses & 27 Nakshatras.
  • How to Connect 12 Houses, 9 Planets & 27 Nakshatras.
  • Marriage, Education, Childbirth, Career & Profession.
  • Litigations, Vehicle & Property, Travel & Foreign. Settlement, Health, Longevity.
  • Transits, Horary, BTR, Gem stone, Event Planning Method.
  • How to Merge both the sciences NUMEROLOGY & ASTROLOGY for Prediction purpose.

Who Can Join Our Course ?

  • Housewives : Looking for a career.
  • Professionals / Businessman : Learn and Earn and get growth in Business & Profession.
  • Astrologers / Numerologist : If you are struggling for Accurate Predictions.
  • Aspiring Students : Looking for a career which is respectfully accepted in India.

Benifits Of Doing Course With Us

  • Live Classes with Q n A in Each Classes.
  • Stepwise Guide on How & Which Software to Choose & Use (Available FREE).
  • We will be with you on this Journey for 6 Months to make you Understand the Logics of Astrology & How to Use it Effectively.
  • Recording of Each Class Available in Case you Miss.
  • PDFs of Basic Fundamentals will be Shared.
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